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Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive | Ali Amato

My services are tailored to your situation; they
cover four main areas: health, behavioral/emotional,
end-of-life, and pets who have already passed.

Pet Health


I’m medically intuitive and get great satisfaction from contributing to a pet’s physical well-being or recovery. My experience has been that I get a good sense of what is happening physically, but of course I will always suggest that you work with your vet, as I'm not a replacement for veterinary care. What I offer is a different "window" into their well-being. For example, I may be able to provide information that helps you know how to better work with your vet, or I might shed another perspective on something that tests haven't been able to reveal to you. I can also keep you apprised between vet visits of the progress your pet is experiencing.


I use safe energetic healing techniques that help support recovery. I can also help find out if your pet wants something in particular, or any adjustments you might consider. I may suggest you look into some things that haven't yet been tried. All of these aspects of my work potentially save you time, frustration, and money.

While I am working with your pet, it is like I have crawled inside their body, and I experience it as they do. This gives you a much better idea of what it's like to be them on a daily basis.

My healing sessions utilize ancient healing techniques (similar to Reiki, but also incorporating other aspects) that are gentle yet powerful. It’s a great way to support traditional veterinary medicine, and it can help the animal recover more quickly, for example, flushing the system of the after-effects of anesthesia.


I also work with your pet’s emotional state, as they often need explanation, reassurance, or simply to be heard.

“Ali Amato is truly amazing. I worked with her and my senior dog Soleil a few months ago. My dog had problems with one of her paws. Without giving her a lot of information she came back with information that was totally on target. It blew me away. By connecting with Soleil she was able to help me research a treatment for her paw that was right on the money. Not only that, she told me things about Soleil’s life on a daily basis that confirmed I was doing things correctly to benefit Soleil. She is now very comfortable and going strong at 15.”
— Anne-Marie S.

Pet Beavioral


Perhaps your pet exhibits a behavior that is puzzling, or has started acting out in ways that are detrimental to themselves or your household. Animals are emotional beings, they can definitely get depressed, anxious and jealous. They remember, and they can feel grief. In my experience, anxiety is extremely common, yet it is often quite treatable. So are depression, PTSD, and even panic attacks. I've helped dogs with unpredictable mood swings and cats who are destructive to a household. These issues are indicative of underlying emotional problems, but they can be fixed.


Sometimes all I need to do is explain something they didn’t understand and a particular behavior (like fighting) will stop. I may also initiate an energetic healing where applicable. In other cases, I'll provide insight to you on how their previous history affects them now, and what you can do about it. I have worked with many rescued animals who had trauma in their early lives, and I have found that it’s quite possible for them to heal their trust or separation issues. I've helped stop cats who are spraying and I've turned around dogs who bite, saving them from having to be put down. Each case is different; I'll be creating a custom-crafted plan in order to help your pet's unique situation.


If your pet is so sick that you’re considering assisting them in their transition, it can reassure you to hear what they want from you, help you reach a decision sooner about next steps, and feel more at peace with how it is handled. Some sick animals do want help, others just aren’t ready to pass, or may not want medical assistance in doing so. Some tell me that they want every possible healing measure taken; others have said that they have lived their life fully and are ready to go. This is obviously the hardest thing a pet lover ever has to deal with; I have been through it myself. The people I’ve worked with have valued how I've helped them through this difficult phase, and that they no longer had nagging guilt about their decisions. The peace of mind they achieved through working with me  helped offset their grief and start them on their path to healing. Most importantly, my sessions help avoid unnecessary and prolonged suffering for your pet.

End of life - Pets


I am often asked if I can communicate with animals who have already passed away. Yes, even if your pet is already gone, I can access them — the conversation is really no different than if they were still living. This can be very comforting if you feel there is unfinished business between you, you feel overwhelming grief, or there are other animals in the household who are also changed by the experience. Or you may feel you just want to clarify how the departed is doing. Animals are never really gone from your life, they’re just on a different plane and are still bonded with you forever in spirit. Their love never dies. And in my experience, when they first pass, they do stay especially close to you for a number of weeks in order to help you to adjust to their absence.

The most wonderful thing I’ve discovered when communicating with pets who have passed is the overwhelming and ongoing gratitude they express for the love and caring you gave them. Knowing that this connection can never be broken really helps.

Pets who have died

“Thank you, Ali! We managed to get through the first difficult week without our sweet Ollie. Thank you for your huge contribution to our healing. In gratitude,”
— Anne B.

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