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What is animal communication?

It is information conveyed on a mind-to-mind level. It’s a mental energy that transcends linear time, location, language, and distance. I generally prefer not to use the phrase “pet psychic” in my practice, because to me that could imply someone who predicts the future, and I don’t do that — I work with what is pertinent to right now.

How does animal communication work?

I function as a conduit, an information receiver...I go into a deep meditation and then it’s like meeting with an animal over Zoom. Over the course of a session, I ask questions and the animal’s thoughts and feelings come to me in a multi-sensory way: a flowing conversation of pictures (clairvoyance), words, phrases and sounds (clairaudience), general feelings (clairsentience), and sometimes even smells.

I am also medically empathic and I experiencie their body from the inside out. So in the case of pain or physical illness, I feel it distinctly in my body — I am guided to discomfort in a particular place, and I can feel the degree of severity in order to help you better understand what it feels like to your pet. I also see things inside, for instance, kidneys that are shriveled from disease.

The info I get in my body feels quite vivid, and helps me provide specific information to my clients in order to round out their understanding of what their pet is going through. And though I may get messages regarding the origin of the problem, I always remind you that you should go by your vet's data.

How do you trust the information you’re getting?

Experience gained through twenty three years of doing this work has taught me to trust it. Most often, people tell me “that feels really right— how did you KNOW that?” Another reason is that I couldn’t be effective if I got hung up on being right, or having every answer...I simply get out of the way and let the information come — whatever it is — because it’s really coming from a divine place, and I’m merely a receiver. My job is to have no judgements about the information that comes through, and to convey that honestly to my clients. What they then do with that information — the decisions they make about their pet — is entirely up to them.

How do you know it’s actually MY pet you are connecting with?

When people ask me that, it's usually because they’ve previously had an unhappy experience with an intuitive practitioner, or they are generally feeling uncertain about using an alternative method. In doing this work, I’ve never had an experience where the wrong animal came forward. It is like I’m “calling on their private line” and they are the only one answering the phone. My explanation for this is that I am contacting their "soul essence."

Higher Intelligence/Spirit (or whatever you choose to call it) wants me to be of service, so there would be no good reason for it to send me to the wrong animal. If someone is feeling insecure about the process, or feels I need to "prove" certain things to them, we should not work together, because that could very well cause the flow of information — which needs to come through in an unimpeded way— to shut down.

Do you have to be physically present to work with my animal(s)?

No. Because this is communication on a mind-to-mind, spirit-to-spirit, energetic level, I can work no matter where you and your animal are. I have worked with pets worldwide, and I do not speak Swedish or Portuguese! Pure thought and intention are “matter”, and science tells us that matter is energy. Energy transcends all barriers, including language. You would have experienced this yourself if you’ve interacted with animals while traveling in foreign countries — you were actually understanding each other through mental pictures and general feelings, not because you knew how to speak “Dog”, “Poodle”, or French, right?

We deal with many types of invisible energy every day without even thinking about it — for instance, the gravity that keeps us anchored to the earth is an invisible energy, yet it is obviously very strong.

Do you need me to provide a picture?

I’m highly visual, and based on your information, it’s very natural and easy for me to hold that image in my head while I work — however, I do prefer to see a recent picture because I can often pick up information just by looking into their face — particularly with emotional issues. (Plus I love to see my clients!)

What if I’m a bit skeptical?

As outlined above, in my experience, skepticism can shut down the flow of information, and we don't want that. So if you feel you can remain open-minded to possibility, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results. If not, please hire someone else.

I do my best work with people who are open but also realistic about what they might gain from the process — with reasonable expectations, and the understanding that I am consultant and not a magician! Every single case is completely unique, so I'm not able to (nor would I ever) make promises about the info that is going to come through for you.

On the positive side, you probably sense when something seems off with your pet, like they just aren’t themselves, right? That’s the kind of mind-to-mind energy we’re talking about. Animals are incredibly sensitive and it’s just natural for them to pick up on our energies and respond to them. And because they are most often “non-verbal” with each other, they evolved to be more natural at communicating with thoughts, feelings and intent. Apparently, my brain happens to be really good at this too — I’m able to tap into the right “frequency” for picking up this information. A practical analogy I use as is that we don’t need to fully understand how wi-fi does what it does — we just know and expect that it works. Whatever that “animal wireless network” frequency is, I’m able to tap into it.

Here’s what just two of my clients had to say about this topic:

“Many people are skeptical because they don’t understand a gift like this. I will say this, as animal lovers, we all want the very best for our furry family members. The challenge we face is that we either guess or think we know what they need. To have someone connect with that animal at a very loving level—different than what we can, will change your animal’s life as well as yours for the better. My only advice is don’t wait until there’s a crisis.” — Heidi T.

“I have recommended Ali to many friends and clients, for lost pets, medical issues, behavioral issues, end-of-life issues — and just to improve their relationship with their animal companions. Some were too skeptical to try her services, but those who did quickly recognized her genuineness, and they benefited from the compassionate heart she extends to our animal friends...Her work with my animals has been life-changing.” — Anne H.

Are there any animals you won’t work with?

Yes — try as I might, I really don't like snakes, and I doubt I ever will!

My goal is to help as many animals as I possibly can in my one short lifetime. I really enjoy their individual personalities, and also the differences inherent in various species. I love working with domestic as well as wild animals. (It’s endlessly interesting...)

Are there any animals who refuse to be communicated with?

It has only happened once in over 20 years. It was an extremely feral cat and I respected her wishes and left her alone.

I adjust my pace to what is comfortable and reassuring for the pet (much as you would with a human.) With my experience and naturally quick mind, I also know how to alter my approach “on the fly” based on the personality I'm facing and/or the reactions I’m getting. The vast majority of pets are really thrilled to be contacted and very much welcome the opportunity to communicate with a human intermediary. They have a lot they want to share with us — I’ve even had some that were so excited to communicate, I had to ask them to slow down a bit.

Can you help me with a pet who has passed away?

Definitely, and it doesn’t matter how long they have been gone from their “physical form.” It can be very helpful for the animal as well as the human friends they have left behind: to tie up loose ends, answer previously unanswered questions, help with your grief, and provide peace of mind. See the Services section for specifics.

What can I expect from my first session?

I might confirm what you already thought, discover things that you didn’t know, shed light on puzzling and frustrating situations, offer different ideas about other avenues to pursue, or help you connect emotionally on a new level. It helps to be open to whatever comes through and to not have any preconceived ideas about how a session should go. Keep in mind that I report the information exactly as it comes through. (Occasionally, this might mean that a client might not hear what they expected — or wanted — to hear.)

Each situation is very different, but one thing I can say is that you can come away knowing more about your pet than you did beforehand. And you will gain peace of mind from realizing what your pet is wanting and feeling.

Depending on the circumstances, you might see immediate results or more gradual changes — it varies with each situaton. Though I am a natural problem-solver and always seeking solutions, it helps to be realistic. One thing I cannot do is bend an animal to a human’s will, or guarantee a specific outcome such as your pet won't at some point die, as we all will. (And remember — we never know when that will be.) But I CAN serve as a communiation bridge, once I understand their situation and perspective and can convey that to you.

Do you abide by a code of ethics?

The intentions of my work are:

Honesty: to always tell my client exactly what their pet conveys (this could differ from what the client is wanting to hear.)

Advocate: in all possible ways, for the ultimate well-being of the pet, as well as my client.

Healing: Whenever possible, to effect positive, lasting changes in mental and physical well-being.

Education: To serve as a knowlege base that reinforces the work we do together.

Support: To be a trusted ally and problem-solver. I approach my job with compassion, confidentially, tact and sensitivity.

Teamwork: To complement my clients' regular veterinary care.

Channel: I never forget that my talents and work don’t come from me, they come through me, from Spirit.

What does it cost?

It varies because each case is completely different (it's not an "off the shelf product") and I work in a way that is highly-customized for what will be most helpful to you. Costs will be provided to you once we have discussed your particular situation in a Discovery Session and I have an understanding of what work is required. My services are comprehensive and I do offer you value by giving you lot of support as well.

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