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Connect | Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive | Ali Amato

Get in touch, or book a complimentary Discovery Session


The quickest way to get to scheduled for a Discovery Session is by emailing me at I prefer email over texts because it allows me to give you a detailed response, track and file our correspondence, and most importantly, to avoid text interruptions while I'm focused on helping clients. 

I am in sessions all day, but I check email often and respond as promptly as possible. I am on Pacific Time; inquires that arrive in the evening are answered the next business day; weekend emails are answered on Mondays.


Emergencies are accommodated when possible, but since my schedule is always filled in advance, it helps to have realistic expectations and plan ahead whenever you can. If your pet has been having a problem for a while, please book a Discovery Session now to help avoid it becoming a serious and time-sensitive situation for you. Being proactive helps you and your pet.

The Services and Process pages describe my work. I also recommend my FAQs page, as it answers the most common questions for you. If you are new to animal communication, you might find the Case Studies page interesting; it describes a wide range of problems I've solved for my clients. You'll find general info on costs below.

I look forward to connecting with you and your beloved pets!


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Each case is different, and I work in a highly-customized way that is focused on solving problems. All costs will be provided to you once we have explored your particular situation through my Discovery Session, described below. For more detailed info, see the Fees section towards the bottom of the Process page.

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People usually contact me after they already have a problem with their pet. They come to me looking for alternative input and information — a different approach to their concerns. Most commonly, they are at a standstill with what they know or have tried so far. They might be frustrated, or just hoping to find a better way. Does this sound like you? As a long-time animal communicator, I am well-versed in these situations; chances are, I’ve even got success stories specific to your issue that I am happy to tell you about.

To learn more, take advantage of my complimentary Discovery Session. Though not a "free reading" of your pet, it will help you gain clarity around your situation, as well as outline ideal next steps to move you towards what you want for your pet.

Spaces for complimentary consults are limited each week and in high demand; please email me for info on how to reserve the next available spot.

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