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Are you frustrated, stuck, or stressed about a situation with your pet? Find out below how I can offer information, practical problem-solving and support.   

“I highly recommend Ali as she truly has a gift. Not only that, she is extremely compassionate about her gift to communicate with animals and also compassionate and sensitive towards their human companions. I am so blessed to have been able to work with her as she has also helped make my life more at ease. Thank you so much Ali.”
— Anne Marie S.


Using my inborn "detective's mind," I use a deep and varied approach to communication, information gathering, and problem-solving. When it's needed, I also employ various energetic healing techniques. The information you will receive from me will be detailed; I’ll also discuss any next steps for you to take. I’m pragmatic and a natural problem-solver; you’ll receive specifics from me as well as lots of support. It's a highly-customized, delving process that works in both broad and deep ways.

All of my work is done remotely. (Since I am working in an energetic realm, time, space, distance and language are never a factor.)

I do my sessions with your pet separately. I require a quiet and neutral mental place that is free from distractions so that I can go into a deep, focused meditation. This method helps ensure that the information I receive is not influenced by other energies such as a human's stress. More importantly, it's also much more efficient — it enables me to gather a lot more information for you than if I was pausing every few sentences to translate the info to you in "real time" on the phone. My way of working is very thorough, with the advantage of ending up with a lot more useful information.

I work off a list I've prepared in advance and I take detailed notes to report back to you. This keeps a written record and ensures that no information is forgotten. (The process is the same whether your pet is living or has already passed.)


Once I am hired, clients will typically have their answers, and my recommendations, in less than a week. Emergencies are treated as such, with a shorter timeline whenever possible, but since my schedule is always very full, it helps to be realistic about scheduling. (People sometimes try to "wait out", a situation, but it's always better to work with me before the issue turns into an actual crisis.)


Each case is completely unique, and I work in a highly-customized way. Fees are based on the different issues your pet(s) are experiencing, if there are multiple animals you need help with, or if there is an interdependent problem occurring between your pet(s) and/or other household members — among just a few examples. Fees are provided to you at the end of our Discovery Session, once we've discussed your particular situation and the kind of help you'll need.

To get started, I'll give you the total and you'll simply click the yellow "Buy Now" button below to go directly to the secure PayPal site; enter the numerical amount with a decimal point and pay with any debit or credit card. (You do not need a PayPal account to do this.) PayPal immediately lets me know a payment has been posted, I’ll then schedule your pet's appointment and get back in touch with you to set up our phone appointment.


The best/fastest way to schedule an appointment is by emailing me at I will respond as promptly as possible — in most cases within a few hours or the next morning. Please see the Services page before contacting me, as it will answer some common questions for you regarding the kinds of cases I work on. If you are new to animal communication, I highly recommend reading my FAQs and Case Studies.


Take advantage of my free Discovery Session. This is the best way to learn about what it would be like to work with me, and to find out how my animal communication and medical intuitive services can help you and your animals improve your lives together.

While not a "free reading" of your pet, our call will explore your current problems and my comprehensive path to helping with your specific situation. I'll answer any questions you have about working together.  You'll also gain clarity around:

  •  Your pets’ most significant problems; areas where you could immediately start making improvements for them

  •  The optimal life you want for you and your pet

  • How the work I do can compliment what you already know about your pet's life

Spaces for Discovery Sessions are very limited and fill up quickly; please email me at with your request.