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About Ali Amato | Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive | Ali Amato

I’ve been aware since age four that I had extremely heightened senses — far beyond the "norm" — with a special gift for knowing what animals were thinking and feeling, and that they could easily understand me too. It has always been completely natural for me to communicate  with them this way, on a mind-to-mind level. It is now thought that people like me (HSPs, or Highly Sensitive Persons) make up around 20% of the population. HSPs actually differ anatomically in the way their brains take in and process information. Not all HSPs are intuitive, though. It takes some additional aspects — plus  concentrated development and application — to become "psychic" (though I personally don't use that term.)

I soon discovered that I was also medically empathic. Without even trying, I would suddenly pick up very specific and intense physical (and emotional) messages from strangers while out in public. In the beginning, this was startling. It was hard to realize that I was suddenly soaking up the sorrow of the person sitting next to me on public transportation, or that I could tell that someone was sicker than they knew. It took some time to get comfortable with this part of myself, and to see that it was a good and useful thing. (Many intuitives do struggle in the beginning to learn how to regulate this influx of information and emotions.) 

In the early 1990’s I began to explore my abilities more seriously, and to offer help wherever I could. There were a few pivotal events that kept consistently pointing me in this direction and I was also getting good results, and feedback that my insights were accurate. Some synchronous events pushed me to do even more, and I felt a strong sense of destiny. I soon realized the power of this work: that I could bring about solutions that helped pets experience profound changes, and give their humans peace of mind.


After almost three decades of this specialty, I now have clients throughout the US and beyond. I've helped pets improve their various physical and emotional conditions, corrected unwanted behaviors, assisted in animal births, helped dogs who bite, explored "intuitive autopsies”, helped people make the best adoption choice for their family, and supported pets in crossing over to the spirit world. 

I did not choose this path; it appears to have chosen me. The success I have communicating with animals doesn't come from me, it flows through me. This is a spiritual calling that enables me to bridge Heaven and Earth, and to make a positive contribution to animals and the people who love them. The work can be hard but it also brings a good amount of joy. Let’s connect!

(My Story): About Ali Amato

“I was referred to her by my vet and I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have Ali come onto Winston’s support team!...Just when I was almost out of hope, she brought us back into a hopeful place...Winston and I will be forever grateful to Ali for her gift and for her help in supporting him with his health issues, and literally bringing him back to life in his advanced years.” 
— Sarah T.

About Ali Amato animal communicator


As a lifelong artist, it’s only natural that animals would be my favorite subject. I use my intuitive mind to delve into portraying their place in the world; this is another source of joy in my life. My goal is to capture a moment in time, bringing out their inner essence in a colorful and heightened, but naturalistic way. When I'm creating a custom portrait of your beloved pet, their soul comes shining through in a lasting piece of art you'll truly treasure forever. Find out more about my custom pet and wild animal portraits on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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