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What is the Biggest Mistake People Make with Their Pets?

As an animal communicator and medical intuitive, I work with a wide variety of pets who experience problems of one kind or another. Some of the most common issues I routinely encounter are:

  • behavior issues (spraying, inappropriate peeing and pooping, and fighting)

  • psychological problems (separation and general anxiety, depression and PTSD)

  • acute or ongoing health problems — particularly with aging pets

  • animals nearing the end of their life

People work with me because they care about their pet’s well being — they want the very best for their beloved companions. And even though each pet and situation is different, there is one big mistake I see over and over again. Can you guess what it is?

They all waited till the problem was acute before getting in touch with me.

They waited while their rabbit had been experiencing upper respiratory difficulties for six months. They put up with two sibling cats who fought each other daily for seven years! They endured having to clean sprayed pee and dog poop off of their carpeting for weeks at a time. They did not call me till five months after their cat lost interest in food and had begun losing alarming amounts of weight. They delayed doing anything till their dog stopped eating, drinking, or was able to stand. They kept boarding their dog at the same kennel even though they knew he clearly didn’t like it. They tolerated howling caused by separation anxiety until their neighbors complained and their marriage was strained. Are you shocked? These are just a few real-life cases that I have worked on! And as you might imagine, I have many more examples.

These clients all “waited it out” hoping things would magically resolve — or more likely, because they just didn’t know what else to do or where else to turn. And I get it — an animal communicator such as myself usually gets contacted only after other options have been exhausted for their pet: blood work and x-rays that didn’t show any issues, multiple, inconclusive check-ups, weeks of indecision over euthanasia, or years of unhappiness with strange and anxious behavior.

The best thing you can do for your pet is not to wait till things get that bad. The earlier we can catch a problem, the better chance we have for the quickest resolution. As part of your overall team, I can support you in ways you probably haven’t even considered.

Here are just five of the most common examples:

  1. I offer a wellness check which includes my intuitive medical check-in and an action plan for you: a detailed discussion of findings and recommended next steps.

  2. I can discover the reason(s) for your pet's anxiety, depression, or separation anxiety, and help them have a happier life.

  3. I can answer the mystery of “what’s my rescue’s story?” so that we can understand and fix troubling or puzzling behaviors, helping you live a better life together.

  4. I can shed light on why your animals aren't getting along with each other — and more importantly — what we can do to fix it.

  5. I can help you in making difficult end-of-life decisions that lets you know your pet's wishes and lessens any indecision or guilt you might be feeling.

The support I give you also helps you with “outside of the box” thinking for other solutions — and I often make suggestions for options you aren't aware of or might not have considered. It is always helpful to have an unbiased opinion from an objective outsider — particularly if you are a single “pet parent,” which a large portion of my clients are.

There is no good reason to wait — especially because of my free Discovery Session where you can learn about how I can assist with your pet’s specific problems. Please take advantage of it — that’s what it’s there for!


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