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Scientists Create Music to Soothe your Cat

© Marshall Ross/Flickr

“They are a particularly tough audience – picky, moody, often impossible to please – but cats represent an untapped music market, according to one of the world’s biggest record labels.”

If you travel a lot for your job, work outside the home, and/or have a cat who seems anxious or acts out, Universal Music has just released an album created specifically to relax your finicky feline.

Titled “Music for Cats”, the album features soothing cello mixed with purring and suckling noises — and apparently, cats LOVE it. I mentioned it to a client whose job takes her out of town several times a month, and she reported that her cats just adored it; they were immediately intrigued by what they heard and became much more calm, relaxed, and content. We’ve been using this as part of a rehabilitation program for some troubling behaviors, and it’s all been very positive.

My client’s attitude was “well, it’s at least worth a try” but she was honestly astonished at how effective it’s been.

You can read more about it at these links:

(Dogs will unfortunately have to wait for their own version, as the scientists find breed differences in dog personalities to be more challenging than composing for the average house cat…)


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