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Case Study: A "Psychic Autopsy"

Karen’s beloved dog, Jersey

Karen was referred to me at the end of her beloved Chow’s life. At 13 years of age, Jersey had a long and quite complicated medical history, and he had alternated between good days and bad days, especially after slipping and falling one month prior to his death.

Chow dog Jay

Karen’s beloved dog, Jersey

Karen works in the medical field, so she has been the perfect person to adopt Chows with special physical needs. With a huge heart for her dogs plus her medical background, I knew it was even more important for Karen to understand the medical circumstances around her dog’s death, in order to gain some closure around his passing. Karen had done everything possible for Jersey, had truly “been through the wringer” with him, and she deserved to feel as much peace around it as possible without having to subject his physical body to anything invasive, which certainly would have been additionally traumatic for her.

I was able to unravel the chain of circumstances that were contributing factors in Jersey’s passing by doing a “psychic autopsy.” It may sound like an odd term, but if you think about it, it’s really a variation on the medically intuitive and end-of-life work that I regularly do for my clients. I uncovered the different factors that lead to Jersey’s sudden death, which answered a lot of questions for her. And through this process, it also confirmed to us that while Jersey had been medically rather unlucky, he certainly was very personally lucky to have had over 2 happy years with her and her other chows.

It’s just another example of the ways animal communication can “shed light”, and why my work is so personally interesting and rewarding.


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