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: health, behavioral/emotional, lost pets and end of life issues

I work with pet owners who are concerned about their pet's unresolved health and behavioral issues. I help your pets achieve happy, healthy lives.

Animal Communicator and Medical Intuitive | Ali Amato

ALI AMATO, animal communicator & medical intuitive

For over 25 years, my clients and I have experienced firsthand the incredible healing power of animal communication. Whether your pet is a rescue, sick, unhappy, acting out, nearing the end of its life, has already passed, or you just want to know "What does my pet need?" I form a vital connection with your pet.

My work covers four main areas: health, behavioral & emotional,

end-of-life, and pets who have passed.) As part of your problem-solving support team, I can give you important information, pragmatic solutions, and peace of mind from knowing that you are doing all
you can for your pet.

I love what I do and look forward to connecting with you soon!

“Ali's work with my animals has been
– Anne H.

Animal communication works to resolve a wide variety of problems, in ways that other methods simply can't. It can save you time, frustration and money. It also gives you peace of mind!

Take advantage of my complimentary Discovery Session to find out how I can help your animals live their best possible lives.

People usually seek me out after there is already a problem with their pet. They come to me looking for answers, and relief from their stress. Most commonly, they are at an impasse with what they've learned or tried so far. I designed my  Discovery Session to explain my in-depth approach and give you an idea of what it would be like to work with me.


While not a "free reading" of your pet, we'll explore your current problems and I'll explain my comprehensive path to helping with your specific situation. I'll answer any questions you have about working together, go over costs, and also:

  • Help you to define the most pressing problem areas where you could immediately make significant improvements for your pet

  • Help you gain more clarity about the life you want for you and your pet

  • Explain how the work I do can broaden and deepen what you already know about your pet.

Spots for complimentary consults are limited and my schedule fills up
very quickly; if your problem is starting to feel urgent, it helps if you can
plan in advance. The fastest way to secure an upcoming space is to 

email me at 


"The challenge we face is that we either guess or think we know what they need. To have someone connect with an animal at a very loving level — different than we can, will change your animal's life as well as yours, for the better. My only advice is don't wait until there is a crisis"
– Heidi T.



WANT TO LEARN MORE? Read my case studies with solutions to common problems

NEED ANSWERS AND RELIEF? Book a complimentary consult



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