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The "Queen of Cats" and her Rescue Efforts

“Her casa is their casa.”

Lola Cortina is affectionately known around San Miguel de Allende, Mexico as “La Reina de los Gatos” — the The Queen of the Cats. Lola is a bi-lingual psychological counselor and astrologer who has been rescuing homeless kittens and cats for the last eight years. As word has spread, it seems that everyone in town now knows of Lola’s work. She works closely with local veterinarians through her non-profit Santuario Felino Rey Ashoka to arrange medical treatment, and she makes a difference in the lives of countless cats by placing them in loving homes in Mexico and the U.S.

Cat up for adoption at Santuario Felino

“Her casa is their casa.”

Lola receives some support through donations, but the Sanctuary is primarily funded by her professional services. I had the privilege of accompanying her one afternoon on her neighborhood “rounds”, and she’s an energetic force of nature; part social worker, part saleswoman, and part diplomat, she obstinately wages an uphill battle every day against some of the cultural beliefs around animals in her Mexican community. (Cats are especially prejudiced against because they aren’t valued as protection the way dogs are.) To see what this dedicated woman has done with scant resources is downright humbling. She helps trap feral cats, provides cat food to households that can’t afford it, performs simple medical treatments, rehabilitates and socializes the animals, advertises the adoptions, educates her community and arranges transport to final homes—all by herself! The day I visited, she was housing around 20 cats in her small home; some of the ferals were still “skittish” but she works with them for as long as they need until they can be adopted.

Lola had back surgery last year and her funds are more strained than ever. Friends are currently holding a fund-raiser for her in San Miguel; if you would like to donate to help her save the lives of these precious cats, please contact me and I will help get your donation to her. Animals in poor countries are downright unlucky compared to our pampered pets, so please consider helping Lola help the kitties. (Since the exchange rate to pesos is so favorable, as an example, just $10US is comparable to around $150 in Mexico—think of how much help that would be!)

Lola’s love and dedication is so evident; her site is all in Spanish, but for those of you who can read it, it’s Please help if you can.

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