How Using a Medical Intuitive Can Save You Time, Stress and Money

Strange as it might seem to you, medical intuition comes very naturally to me. When I’m working with a pet, I’m able to “go inside” their mind and body, and I then feel and experience things as they do. After 20 years of working with animals, this process is completely automatic for me. In all of my appointments — even the ones where the client has hired me to solve a behavioral problem, I first do a “body scan” of the pet as a baseline to work from. This often uncovers things that help inform my work with the pet, and it also gives my clients a much better understanding of their animal, both currently and for going forward. We can then decide what to do with this information; most of my appointments end up with us creating a joint “action plan” for next steps.

Here are just a few examples of how I have used my medical intuition to save my clients time, stress, and money:

1. Saving time:

I am able to test for the effectiveness and side effects of medicines, and to test which supplements are beneficial for the pet. I can also test for food and environmental allergies. Recently, I’ve had clients email me lists of every medicine and supplement their pet was on and I was quickly able to gain clear info on everything on the list, marking things one by one for reporting back to my client. I also do research and test other remedies and foods to suggest for treatment. (I do have clients check with their vets, although that usually isn’t necessary for homeopathic treatments because they are so gentle and benign.) My testing process is very fast, and it is accurate as well, because the information is coming from higher intelligence, and always for the pet’s greatest good (I am just the “receiver”), so my clients are ending up with really good outcomes for their pets. My testing saves time by “cutting to the chase” instead of lengthy experimentation with things that just aren’t working. I do my tests, report my findings, and my clients can quickly get in touch with their vet regarding any questions they might have. They then start implementing any changes right away.

During a session, I often receive words and phrases that are also helpful to determining health and healing. (One client recently said that because of my medical knowledge and intuition, she felt I contributed far more to her pet’s well-being than simple “communicating” would have.)

2. Avoiding stress and frustration:

Quite a few behavioral problems can have their root in medical issues. For instance, I’ve had clients assume that inappropriate peeing was strictly a behavioral problem, however I’ve had several cases where I ascertained the pet actually had a urinary tract infection and needed to go to the veterinarian right away for treatment. I also remember discovering that a cat had lost interest in eating due to dental problems — which the client was totally unaware of. I worked with another cat that was desperately sick from severe celiac disease, and I was able to literally see, feel and describe the extreme condition of his digestive tract. All of these instances got the pets the help they needed and eliminated the worry and frustration that my clients were feeling over “why are they being like this?” Since I’m also able to feel the degree or severity of pain, this helps my clients feel in control of decision making around how to manage it. Additionally, my healing treatments for sick pets help put stressed clients at ease because they know they are doing everything possible to help their pet recover.

I’m also able to feel a pet’s anxiety and to convey to their owner how bad it is. As you can imagine, sometimes it’s mild, sometimes it’s moderate, and unfortunately sometimes it’s really severe — there have been times when I felt like I was going to literally jump out of my skin due to how anxious the pet was feeling. This is obviously something that no medical test can detect — so it’s very helpful to my clients that I can feel this and describe it to them.

The biggest stressor a human experiences with their pet is around terminal illness. Working with me to find out what it actually feels like to be that pet — in that body — gives my clients information they wouldn’t otherwise have, and it helps them decide on next steps without prolonging the stresses of indecision.

3. Saving money:

There are a number of ways my medical intuition can save you money. Understanding a mysterious condition helps you target the right solution, often avoiding unnecessary and expensive tests. Accelerated healing means less trips to the doc. Testing of meds and supplements avoids wasted experimentation. I even helped one client avoid a very expensive (and invasive) autopsy by conducting it psychically.

Not all animal communicators are also medically intuitive. Keep this in mind when considering who to hire.