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Help - My Pet is Lost!

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When your pet goes missing, it’s terribly upsetting. The biggest piece of advice I can give (as discussed in another post) is to not try and wait it out. If you’ve ever seen one of those reality tv shows regarding crime solving (I’m personally fascinated by shows such as The First 48), you know that doing the detective work sooner rather than later gives much better results. Even if the case does go “cold”, I am still able to do my work — but think of how much easier it is on both you and your pet if you start sooner!

So while I am not “Ace Ventura” (I think I have better hair), I do function like a detective, in that I get geographic and other clues that piece together a picture of where they are, in order to help you get reunited. And I am constantly checking in and adjusting my tactics as they move around. It really is like the police tracking a suspect.

I am by nature very detail-oriented and a problem solver — this really comes in handy, and is one of the reasons I have a high success rate with reuniting lost pets with their families.

You might be curious how my process differs from hiring a professional tracker who uses dogs to follow trails. I think my methods are better; here’s why:

  • A tracker can’t determine for sure how old the trail is. Lost pets move around a lot, for a number of reasons, and the pet could likely be somewhere else at that point. Because I’m able to intuitively tune in to your animal, the information I give you is much more current.

  • I’m not limited by what can get done on foot — I can cover many miles without ever leaving my home.

  • I can’t get stuck the way a tracker can. For instance, there was one case where the tracker had told the client that the trail ended at a river. That was a literal dead-end and there was nothing more they could do. I can keep going because I’m using all of my senses (not just scent) plus I’m in actual contact with the pet, doing all sorts of things to help them get out into the open instead of hiding, and do other things to either get home or get found.

  • What I do can’t scare a pet away the way a tracking team with dogs might. This is even more crucial if is your missing pet is a feline!

  • I’m working with their physical and psychological well-being, something a tracker can’t do. I’m reassuring them, looking out for their well-being, giving them energy treatments to help their physical state and helping them find a way to get help or get home on their own.

It can be difficult work but it is very rewarding. You can read more about my lost pet services on the Services page.