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Clear Clutter in 10 Minutes - and Benefit Animals in the Process

Shelter animals always need cuddly bedding for their cages.

As the holidays approach, one of the things I routinely do is gather up my worn-out towels, washcloths, sheets and blankets to donate to my local animal shelter.

Did you know that shelters are usually desperate for clean “bedding” for their animal cages, and are grateful for every spare piece they can get?

They always need soft linings for cages and are constantly having to replenish their supply because they often send a blanket home with each adoption. Much of the bedding also gets chewed up; puppies — and bunnies in particular — just love to destroy their bedding with excessive chewing, especially when they’re anxious.

Please make a small commitment of time this weekend to cull your old, faded towels, ratty blankets and worn flannel sheets, and drop them off at your nearest shelter. In less time than a “Starbucks run”, you’ll make more space in your house and put your discards to great use for shelter animals waiting to be adopted — won’t that feel great?


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